Don't want to sell your cherished valuables?

“It's Good as Gold”

Nothing is smarter than having your resources of gold and fine jewelry available to borrow against when an unexpected financial crisis arises.

Once you sell a valuable you can't get it back. The majority of O'Neill's customers prefer to borrow on their jewelry and luxury assets rather than saying goodbye to it forever.

In pawning your valuables, you retain ownership and can return for the articles at any time after making the loan; this is called COLLATERAL LOAN.

Pawnbroking industry is strictly regulated . William J. O'Neill Sales Exchange., Inc is a licensed and bonded collateral loan broker with over 75 years of experience. We follow all laws and restrictions governed by New York State.

Our knowledgeable staff will put you at ease through the loan process. All loans are confidential; we guarantee your privacy and take extra care about the security of your assets.

Be certain to have your identification with you for the pawn or purchase procedure. You will be given a detailed receipt itemizing and describing all articles exchanged with an expiration date of 4 months from the date of transaction.

A reminder notification, as required by law, will be mailed to you after the expiration date of the pledge ticket. You have the flexible option of renewing or redeeming your collateral. There is no further obligation to the lender in the unlikely event of default.

The best part of a COLLATERAL LOAN is keeping ownership of your valuables and keepsakes for future opportunities. Many of our clients choose to keep their treasures in safe keeping at O'Neill's

Exterior of William J. O'Neill's Sales Exchange Company in Patchogue, Suffolk, Long Island, New York

William J. O'Neill is happy to broker pawn loans for the following items:

  • 9-24 karat gold jewelry
  • Audio/video equipment
  • Designer and signed jewelry
  • Musical equipment
  • Platinum jewelry
  • LCD, Plasma and 3D TV's
  • Diamond jewelry
  • Blu-Ray
  • Loose diamonds
  • Power tools
  • Watches
  • Fishing equipment
  • Sterling silver flatware
  • Coins

Don't see your item on this list?

Bring it down or call us and we'll let you know it it's acceptable to exchange.