How to obtain a short-term loan

Your loan will be established upon the appraisers determination of your collateral. Each of our appraisers is familiar with today's market trends so that we can offer the highest amount on your valuables. There is no application to file or credit check involved to apply for a loan. Regardless of your past credit history, pawning is a secured collateral loan similar to a mortgage. We will not investigate your employment or credit score. The borrower must be 21 years of age and we do require proper identification at the time of transaction. Descriptions of pawned items are reported to the SCPD as required by law.

Your GIA certificates, papers and original boxes are an advantage for the highest possible loan.

Interest and service charges are regulated by New York State, and there are no hidden fees. All loans are good for four (4) months. The loan is redeemable at anytime and can be renewed upon expiration just by paying the interest and ticket charges due. The borrower retains ownership of the pawned item for the duration of the loan.

Interest Rate - New York State interest of 4% per month is calculated from date to date. There is no partial payment of a month's interest. A two (2) day grace allowance is given.

Acceptable Forms of Identification are as Follows

• Valid Drivers License
• Valid Learners Permit
• State I. D. Card
• Valid Passport
• Medicare/Medicaid Card
• Armed Forces I.D.


• No credit check
• 4% per month interest
• No installment payments unless elected by borrower
• Immediate cash from $25 to $50,000
• Renewable 4 month loans
• Free loan appraisals

Helpful Information

Please keep your pledge in a safe place and call 24 hours in advance to redeem a pledge.

The borrower is under no obligation to return for their item and O'Neill's bears any losses incurred at the sale. Items that are pawned are usually redeemed by the original owners, but if not, shoppers have the opportunity to purchase at a fraction of the retail price.

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