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William J. O’Neill Sales Exchange Co., Inc. pays immediate cash for your outdated, unwanted gold, silver, platinum jewelry, watches and more. Our staff will evaluate your items taking into account the gold weight, diamond quality, antiquity and resale value while you wait. We offer the option of receiving immediate cash or a check as payment for the transaction. To insure you receive the maximum amount, diamonds should include any appraisals and appropriate paperwork and watches should include the original box, paperwork and certifications pertaining to the items.

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We understand that selling your valuables can be a difficult decision and we do our best to offer you the best price possible. If you are not sure if you want to sell your valuables we can provide you with a loan against your items. Generally, you will receive more to sell an item than if pawned, keeping in mind when you are pawning, you are still retaining ownership of the article. Proper identification must be produced at the time of sale as all transactions are reported to the Suffolk County Police Department. You will be treated with consideration and confidentiality at all times by our staff.

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O’Neill’s is happy to broker pawn loans and buy 9-24 karat, platinum, diamond, designer and signed jewelry as well as loose diamonds. We also accept watches, coins, musical instruments and equipment, sterling silver flatware and serving pieces. We accept only the most current electronics, nothing older than one year from the current date. We also take newer modeled cordless power tools, preferably 18V or higher with the charger and accessories. Contact us if you are unsure if we will accept your item.

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